answers WHO the program is for and WHO is going to help. Assessment is about gauging the community’s participation and leadership appetite, mobilising community support.

These three youtubes outline how our assessment tools helps.

1. Surveys
2. Apply for a Role

3. Training.


reviews HOW the aims and objectives will be achieved. This can vary from organisation to organisation. While we encourage a biweekly training and bimonthly rotation of activities, our PDP can help any community project.

The link below details HOW to create a Personal Development Plan.

4. PDP


is about recording WHERE and WHEN the project actually happens. provides a robust online tool for capturing personal and group attendance records, comments and photos.

This youtubes details how to capture the WHERE and the WHEN for any project.

5. Evidence


answers the ‘so WHAT’ question. Did the project meet it’s original aims? How many hours were participants engaged?
Were the participants satisfied with the project?

Review is the key element for continuous improvement.

6. exit questionnaires and
7. Reports

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